Celebrating 25 years of music education

Introduce your child to the joy of music

A holistic approach to musical education

A long history in Douglas County


Sponsored and managed by the Umpqua Symphony Association, the Douglas County Youth Orchestra has provided music education and performance experience for hundreds of students throughout Douglas County since 1997.

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We Perform!

When We Play

DCYO performs two concerts per year, one in January and one in May. Older DCYO students have the opportunity to play at events such as the Umpqua Valley Arts Association Summer Arts Festival and the Music on the Half Shell series. Our students have opened for acts such as Eugene Symphony and Pink Martini!


Join us on Tuesdays!

We are now rehearsing in person at the Phoenix Charter School.

Prelude Orchestra: 4:30-5:10 pm

Concert Orchestra: 5:15-6:10 pm

Philharmonic Orchestra: 6:15-7:45 pm

The Gift of Music Can Last a Lifetime

Learning to play a musical instrument has been shown to improve mathematic and reading comprehension skills, to boost mood, and to enhance coordination.


The Douglas County Youth Orchestra is proud to be sponsored by the Umpqua Symphony Association.


Dr. Mark Rockwood


Taylor Siling


Dr. Kathryn Brunhaver


DCYO instructors focus on a holistic approach to learning music theory, history, ear training and sight reading in addition to proper instrument techniques and maintenance.

Imagine the look of excitement on the faces of young children when they are handed their musical instrument for the first time! Then imagine those faces beaming with delight when they perform together on stage and in concert with the Douglas County Youth Orchestra (DCYO).


Their pride in accomplishing something as a result of their desire, dedication and discipline is what makes music education so vital. The USA is proud to sponsor the DCYO, and with you as our partner, their music plays on!

Together we can help youth in Douglas County to develop their talents, improve their confidence and have brighter futures through the gift of music.

Watch DCYO In action

A long history in Douglas County